Kelowna transit workers reach tentative agreement, end strike

There’s good news from Kelowna, BC, as Local 1722has reached a tentative contract agreement with First Canada ending a 13-day strike. The workers had been without a contract since April 1. The details of the agreement have not been made public as the Local is expected review the terms of the contract with its membership in the next day. Read more.

“Thank a CTA Driver” campaign

In an effort to organize members and build public support for transit in Chicago, Locals 241 and 308teamed with clergy and politicians to launch a “Thank a CTA Driver” campaign in the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day. The Locals produced a video about the campaign and are also passing out buttons with the message “Thank a CTA Driver” to the public at transit stops across the city. Watch video.

Workers don’t need Trump to give them a voice, they need unions

As this U.S. election made clear, a lot of Americans are angry. They feel left behind by the economy with income inequality at near record levels and have no voice in democracy as money dominates our political system. And President-elect Donald Trump seized on it to get elected. But truth be told a Trump Administration isn’t going to protect Americans’ basic rights and his policy recommendations “to rebuild the working class” will prove hollow. The real long-term solution to current political and economic dissatisfaction is to give workers a productive way to advocate for themselves. And the best way to do that is to rebuild unions. Read more.

The perils of privatization: Nassau County cuts more bus service

This is an all too familiar story, a private company wins a contract to manage a transit system with lofty promises of cutting costs and improving service, but ends up costing more, leading to fare increases, service cuts, and safety and maintenance shortcuts. That’s exactly what is happening in Nassau County with Transdev for the second time. The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) bus system run by Transdev is moving ahead with plans to ax 11 bus routes and cut service on two others blaming a funding crisis . The perils of privatization. Read more.