Emergency Union meeting in YWG

Dear Readers Bros and Sis:
I was attending today’s emergency meeting at the Union Office, I have to tell you I was overwhelmed by the participation, the whole meeting was mainly based in one topic, (if the upcoming election should be or not cancelled/postponed) and to be honest I don’t see that kind of participation on a regular basis, and let me tell you that they were a lot of discussions, screams and even lack of respect for the members of the executive and even participants, my point is you are upset because things are not running your way, that’s bad specially if you DON’T PARTICIPATE ON REGULAR MEETINGS, don’t come to the Union office once a year and expect results right away, it doesn’t work that way, this issue was brought by one of the brothers who started pulling signatures to stop this event, no problem, you have a valid point, but if they don’t let you run is not because they don’t like you, it’s simple because you DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CREDITS, to participate is simple as that (it’s a 100% legal) the results are clear the election will run as planned. For the record is my duty to inform you that our President John Callahan made a public apology for not posting the nominations in the proper time, the rest was done by the book 16 members out of the 1500 plus (what a shame) are qualified to run only 14 were nominated the other 2 declined to participate.
At the end I got upset because there were serious words coming from the members, words like corrupts, non sense meetings among other things.
Your brother.


Amalgamated Transit Union 1505, here in Winnipeg will have its election to be held on:

November 28-Dec 3, 2016

November 28, 2016 Union Office 0800-1600

November 29, 2016 Downtown Lounge 0800-1600

November 30, 2016 Brandon Garage 0430-1530

November 30,  2016 Fort Rouge Garage  0800-1600 and December 1, 2016 till 1530

December 1, 2016 North Garage 1600 and December the 2nd 1530.

Ballot counting at ATU Union Office December the 2nd 2016, 1600

The following positions were filled by Acclamation: Executive board # operating Derek Hanley,

Executive board Maintenance #1 Ron Nelson,

Auditor#1 Operating Lloyd Greenway

Every bro and sis are invited to participate and cast your vote, very important, and remember you are part of it and ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



“When we the people are united we win. The times ahead will be the roughest we have seen in our lifetimes but we must double our efforts to educate and organize,” ATU International Secretary-Treasurer Oscar Owens told a raucous crowd of progressive and union activists at a Social Justice/Anti-TPP rally outside the Capitol in Washington, DC. More than 90 ATU members attended the rally to hear from Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-HI, former CWA President Larry Cohen, former Ohio Democratic State Senator Nina Turner and others. Read more.

Riders stand along Kelowna transit workers as strike enters second week

Striking Local 1722-Kelowna, BC members got a boost as riders joined the workers on the picket lines to show their support. As the strike enters its second week the rider activists held a protest outside City Hall over the city’s failure to avoid job action by transit workers. The protestors say seniors, students and those with disabilities have been hit hardest by the strike and say it’s been difficult to join the workers on the picket lines because most transit users are stuck at home with no way to get anywhere. The workers have been without a contract since April 1. The ATU International stands in solidarity with our Kelowna brothers and sisters. Read more.

GEB and Locals gear up for 2017 at trainings

It’s been a very busy week at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center as the General Executive Board and Locals are taking part in a Joint Industry Council Training on contract negotiations and bargaining strategies. The GEB and the more than 60 local leaders are gearing up for a busy year as more than 60 local contracts are expiring. A team of experts are teaching participants innovative strategies and techniques to secure strong contracts and mobilize members to get involved.

Saskatoon transit workers “work to rule” as contract talks stall

In response to a series of unsuccessful negotiation sessions with the City of Saskatoon, Local 615members are refusing to work overtime and working “to the rule” in protest. One of the main sticking points is proposed changes to the pension plan that the city wants to impose without the Local’s consent. Both sides are waiting for an arbitration ruling on the issue. The Local’s members have been working without a contract for almost four years. Read more.

Local 1596 member & daughter elected to FL state house

“Like father, like daughter” has been taken to a new level for Local 1596-Orlando, FL member Victor Torres and his daughter Amy Mercado. They were both elected to the Florida state house and are the first father and daughter to serve in the Florida state legislature. The two are trying to set an example for the next generation. Younger family members have been campaigning with them and going door-to-door. ”The more they see that we’re engaged, the more they will be engaged,” Mercado said. And they’re already looking to their next generation to follow in their footsteps. “One of them is a political science major – so we’ll see,” Mercado continued. Read more.

Elected officials join Local 1300’s call for changes to Baltimore bus plan

Local 1300-Baltimore, MD, has been engaged in a comprehensive campaign to expose the problems of Charm City’s transit system and calling on the state to rethink its overhaul of the bus system. The Local has gained the support of key elected officials for their “People’s Plan for Baltimore” to repair the system. “The state has the responsibility that every citizen in the state of Maryland and the Baltimore region has safe access to fresh food, hospitals, education and jobs,” said Delegate Cory McCray. “And we know it’s the state’s responsibility to provide transportation to get to those places.” The workers are hitting bus stations across the city, knocking on doors and attending community meetings to get citizens to sign a petition calling on the MTA and Governor Hogan, R, to fix the bus system. Read more.

Dayton transit workers authorize strike

Kelowna, BC, and Saskatoon, SK, are not the only cities facing a possible transit worker strike as Local 1385-Dayton, OH, members voted to authorize a strike after rejecting their third contract proposal. It’s been decades since the Local has been on strike and state law requires 10 days’ notice of any job action. The major issues in the contract dispute are back pay, working conditions and proposed changes to health care plans. Be sure to check the ATU website for the latest developments on this story. Read more.