Be a quitter

I started to smoke at age 16 because I liked the head rush it gave me. I was hooked. I tried to quit many times. The gum was gross. the patch messed up my sleep, and with Zyban I had the most bizarre dreams. But never really needed to quit. I worked outside pruning trees I was in good shape. Never needed the money. I thought to myself I will smoke until the day I die.  Well after 24 years with my job now sitting on my ass. I could not climb the stair to my bedroom without losing my breath. And when my doctor said I should bquit smoking postere dead within 10 years. 7 years ago I finally quit. I took Champix and listened to the audiobook “the easy way to quit smoking” By Allen Carr, And most of all the support of my very patient wife Kim. It was one of the hardest thing I have ever done. Making 2016 the year I officially have been a non-smoker, longer than a smoker. I have more energy, feel better, smell is better(sometimes not a +), and everything tastes better. witch brings me to my next challenge, to lose some of the 50+ pounds I gained in the last 12 years.ManitobaQuits poster for printing [231796]

1 step closer to Police on the bus

Winnipeg Transit launches Transit Code of Conduct public education campaign

New initiative aimed at improving the safety and security of transit employees and customers

Released: 10:43 a.m.

Winnipeg, MB – On Monday, January 18, Transit customers will start noticing a new decal and sign on Transit buses, at Transit stations and at service centres as Winnipeg Transit begins the rollout of a new safety initiative. The signs will outline the Transit Code of Conduct and the decals will remind passengers of the consequences of threatening or assaulting Transit operators.

“The goal of this public education campaign is to improve the safety and security of Transit employees and customers,” said Dave Wardrop, Director, Winnipeg Transit. “We are pleased to work with Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1505 in the development of this initiative. Together we are committed to the delivery of affordable, reliable, and safe Transit service for Winnipeggers and visitors to our city.”

The Transit Code of Conduct, finalized in December 2015 and based on Transit By-Law No. 89/2014, was created to encourage appropriate behaviour and conduct while using Transit services.

Transit By-Law No. 89/2014 was created in 2014 and its intent is to regulate the conduct and activities of Transit users in order to promote the safety and well-being of employees and passengers on the Transit system.

The complete Code of Conduct, Transit By-Law, and images of the decal and Code of Conduct signage are available at

In my opinion this is a major step in having police officers assigned to riding the busses in order to enforce the transit By-Law

Happy New Year


UK bus driver veteran sacked for stopping to use the toilet

UKBusDriver_bathroomAdequate bathroom breaks for bus drivers is a growing problem and safety risk across the world. A United Kingdom bus driver with more than 20 years service was fired after stopping to go to the bathroom while working. The driver is on medication for high blood pressure, which makes him need the toilet more often than usual. One day on the job, he had to use the bathroom, so he stopped outside his house – which is on the route – and told the passengers he would just be five minutes. A week later he was fired after a passenger filed a complaint with the transit agency. Maybe the agency officials should watch this ATU video to better understand the gravity of this issue. Read more.