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I can’t stress enough how important it is to report all injuries in the course of working. Incidents which seem minor can turn into something much worse over time. When you report it to control they will have a record of it.

I speak with experience a twist of the knee on the bus, started as an ache which took 3 days to fully swell, I was off work for 6 months in a knee brace, and required surgery. I reported it minutes after it happened when my knee did not feel right, filled out a green card that night and went to see a doctor. The claim process was started, and went pretty smoothly until it was closed.

Now that be said. There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with W.C.B

Your medical records are private.

You do not need to show them to anyone.


Without proof of your injury and ongoing care W.C.B does not need to pay you. (W.C.B act)

If Transit believes you may be medically unfit to preform your duties, they can refuse you work or give you alternate duties until you provide a all clear from your doctor. 

They compensate for accidents which were caused on the job. If you inform them of prior factors i.e. slept wrong, chronic sore back, and say the incident made it worse. To them it was not from the claim but a reoccurring injury and you will have problems. So again watch what you say.

W.C.B keeps records of everything. They keep notes of all your phone calls, obtain any reports from control and supervisors, also any video from the bus involving your claim. So watch what you say, sometimes less the better. They receive reports from doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapist linked with your claim.

Read everything they want you to sign. They do not have the right to any medical records not pertaining to your claim. Do not sign it away. And if you did you can revoke it. Talk to your doctor or the union.

Assaults  should all be reported to control center, the union, and a green slip filled out.  As of January 2016 P.T.S.D. is a recognized claim by W.C.B. (  And believe me when I tell you when you are attacked or spit on, the fear or anger can grow to a point where it can affects your work, or home life. Again they compensate only for a specific traumatic events on the job. They do not need to hear about your crazy mother-in-law.

Take care drive safe.




Thanksgiving celebrates time when we were all immigrants

THANKSGIVING_v2Silver Spring, MD – Amalgamated Transit Union International President Larry Hanley released the following statement to mark the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

“Thanksgiving is one of our most enjoyable and universally celebrated American holidays. Today, regardless of religious tradition, political persuasion, or social status, many of us will sit down to a wonderful meal, visit family, talk about our union, and maybe, watch some football.

“We all have so much to be thankful for that sometimes we forget about those who are struggling just to find a place to live in peace with their neighbors.  I’m referring of course to the refugees fleeing the hellish life they’ve endured in Syria and other countries.

“The despicable terrorist attacks in Paris have cast a long shadow over these desperate émigrés – with some lumping them all into the ranks of suspected terrorists.

“It’s understandable that people are afraid. Who isn’t?

“Unfortunately, however, some are exploiting that fear for personal or political gain, and, in the process discarding the very principles that make America great.

“Rejecting people running for their lives because of their religion is about as un-American as anything that has been proposed in the war on terror. The mood today is reminiscent of that of pre-war America in 1939 when 937 Jews were fleeing the Nazis. The men women and children aboard the passenger ship St Louis were rejected first by Cuba and then the United States. Two hundred and fifty-four of them ultimately met their deaths at the hands of the Nazis. We look back in shame at that time.

“The truth is that the United States has one of the lengthiest most meticulous immigration processes in the world. If any nation can prevent terrorists from entering its territory it’s the United States.

“Obviously, we cannot take everyone, but we can certainly do our part to help these suffering families. And to refuse any of them on the basis of their religion is flat out un-American.

“We’re are a better country than the one in the world of the fear mongers.

“So, today we commemorate the story of a group of Native Americans who welcomed Pilgrims, who were fleeing religious persecution. We should remember our own history as I remember my ancestors who came to this country fleeing starvation because they were Catholics from Ireland.

“We can and must remember that our country was founded as a nation of immigrants and refugees. Defending America starts by defending that heritage. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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