Walker Anti-Union

Walker_antiUnionIn an attempt to salvage his struggling presidential campaign, anti-union Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, R, has announced a proposal to all but eradicate American labor unions. The notorious Koch brothers have been using Walker’s busted bandwagon as a vehicle to bully the middle class, the poor and the weak by stripping unions of all power. “Fortunately, most Americans have the good sense to dismiss the Koch/Walker plan as just another scheme to shovel more money from working families into the vast coffers of the world’s ultra-rich,” says ATU International President Larry Hanley. Read more.

Pope Francis urges action on climate change on visit to US

US PopePope Francis has called for further action on climate change saying that it was “a critical moment of history”, on the first day of his visit to the US.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 11,000 people on the White House South Lawn, the pontiff said the problem could “no longer be left to a future generation”.

President Barack Obama said the Pope reminded people “that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet”.

The Pope will later conduct the first canonisation on US soil.

Following the speech, the two leaders met behind closed doors in the Oval Office, before the Pope embarked on a parade around the White House grounds in a specially outfitted jeep known as the “Popemobile”.

Crowds lined the streets, and a young girl and a baby were allowed to cross security barriers to be greeted and hugged.

He then departed the White House for St Matthew’s Cathedral, a few blocks up the road, where he is delivering an address to US bishops.

Earlier in the morning, speaking in English – one of the few times the Argentine pontiff is expected to do so during the week’s many events – Pope Francis praised President Obama for recent proposals aimed at tackling air pollution.

Time remains to make the changes required, the Pope said, in a speech that also called for protecting religious liberty and stamping out discrimination.

Pope Francis in the US



Winnipeg Transit Tweaks Fall Schedule Over Bus Shortage

IMG_6298The City of Winnipeg is revising its fall schedule after a number of buses were taken out of service due to maintenance.

Officials announced late Wednesday service along some routes would be reduced as the city faces a backlog of repairs to its fleet.

“I would like to apologize to Winnipeg Transit customers for the short notice on service changes,” said Doug McNeil, chief administrative officer.

“I would like to reassure the public that the Public Service will be reviewing the details of this service reduction and how it was communicated, and we will make improvements to prevent this from happening again.”

The revised schedule will be released at 4 a.m. on Friday and remain in effect until December.

The city says an unexpected spike in mechanical issues on Tuesday resulted in fewer buses being available for transit’s heavier fall schedule.

Routes most likely to be affected include:

Morning rush hour:
17, 21, 22, 25, 29, 34, 44, 46, 54, 55, 58, 66, 75, 78, 137, 160, 162, 163

Afternoon rush hour:
11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, 29, 41, 44, 46, 55, 58, 75, 77, 183

Transit customers are advised to check WinnipegTransit.com, TeleBUS, or to contact 311 on the day they travel for the latest service information for impacted routes.

Handi-Transit service is not impacted by the service change.

Courtesy of chrisd.ca

Hanley video on ATU Tommy, Douglas center

Hanley videoIn a video message to ATU members recorded at the new ATU Tommy Douglas Conference Center, International President Hanley talks about the busy summer at ATU starting with restructuring the Canadian Council under the new name, “ATU Canada” and plans for the upcoming organizing convention of delegates from our Canadian locals. Hanley also discusses the importance of the critical October election in Canada, and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. ATU will be working hard to engage members and riders to volunteer and vote for candidates who care about working families and public transit. In the U.S., ATU will be reaching out to all American members in the next In Transit to find out who they think ATU should endorse for president. Watch video.

Labour Day parade draws more supporters of all ages this year

winnipeg-labour-parade-2015Winnipeg’s third annual Labour Day parade drew more supporters than past years, which is encouraging to the event’s organizer.

Dave Sauer, president of the Winnipeg Labour Council, said the event is meant to celebrate the presence of unions in the community, which uplift everybody’s wages and benefits.

“We believe all workers should have better wages, better workplace safety and health winnipeg-labour-day-parade-2015(4)conditions, more time off with their families, so we actually want to act as an uplifting force rather than something that should be viewed as a jealousy,” Sauer said.

About 400 people were out for the march that started at Winnipeg’s Memorial Provincial Park near the Manitoba Legislature at 1 p.m. on Monday.

I love being part of something bigger than myself. With the labour movement it’s like you have a giant family, who is always there, going to support you, get you through the tough times and even celebrate the good times,” Mary Boudreau told CBC News. Boudreau was there to represent Unifor as a local vice-president.

  • Supporters prepare to march in Winnipeg's third annual Labour Day parade.
Chris Scott is a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and he brought his 10-year-old son Brian to the Labour Day rally. Scott said his father brought him when he was a boy to similar events, and now he hopes that his son learns the importance of Labour Day and the work of unions.

winnipeg-labour-day-parade-2015(1)“It is a little bit lost on the general public, there are lots of things in history that people just forget. That old adage if you don’t remember the past you’re doomed to repeat it,” Scott said.

Courtesy of CBC

Manitoba Labour Day Parade