ATU mobilizes for Chuy Garc?a for Chicago, Mayor Election

Transit for Chuy

ATU?s Chicago members are working full time to Get-Out-The Vote in Jes?s ?Chuy? Garcia?s campaign to defeat Rahm Emanuel in the April 7 mayoral election. Chuy has been a friend to ATU and working families throughout his career in public service. Meanwhile Rahm uses red light cameras as back door taxes, closes 50 schools, does nothing to improve public transit or our jobs, and gives tax breaks to his wealthy elitist cronies. Read more.

DC streetcar firesDC Streetcar fires a third of its workers for ATU organizing

In addition to the many woes and missteps that have led to questions about its viability, the DC Streetcar has illegally fired a third of employees in retaliation for union organizing. ATU has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB and is calling on WMATA to takeover the beleaguered DC Streetcar project. Read more.

Hamilton Transit workersHamilton transit workers move closer to strike as talks stall

After months of stalled contract talks, Hamilton transit workers have requested a ?no board? report from Ontario?s Labour Ministry that will give them the greenlight to go on strike if no deal is reached within the next month. Local 107 has been meeting with the city since January and one of the major sticking points is poor working conditions due to an underfunded transit system, threatening the safety of riders and drivers.? Read more.

Street car revivalStreetcar revival wavering

Just a few years ago, streetcars were all the rage in cities across the United States. Now many are realizing these ?boutique? streetcars aren?t good for real transit. Facing fiscal and operational problems, many streetcar projects ? Washington, DC (see story above), San Antonio, TX, and Arlington, VA, have been abandoned or stalled.Read more.

Public Transit keyPublic transit key to livable cities

What?s the best way for a city to ease traffic, fight pollution, create jobs and increase mobility? Invest in and expand public transportation choices. That was the conclusion of a panel of transportation experts on how to make Los Angeles a more livable city. One panelist said, “we need more public transportation, and we need it faster now.? Read more.

ATU calls on BatonATU calls on Baton Rouge transit chief to resign for racist comments

ATU is calling for the head of Baton Rouge?s transit system to resign for saying he would ?love? to have fewer black bus drivers, because it would help attract white riders. ?This type of outrageous, backward and racist comment by the head of a public transit agency should not be tolerated,? said International President Hanley. ?It is a black eye on CATS and the city of Baton Rouge. We call on him to step down immediately.? Read more.

Vote yesWhy vote ?yes? in Vancouver transit plebiscite

Local 134 members and transit advocates are waging a campaign to pass the transit plebiscite now underway in the Vancouver, BC, metro area.? Registered voters have until the end of May to mail in their plebiscite ballots. A new video features Bill Reeve, who commutes by car every day to work. Reeve has no option but to drive, but is voting ?yes? in the plebiscite to reduce congestion and ensure his and others? future mobility. Watch video.