ATU Out in force to protest Fast Track Trade and TPP

Atu out in force

Washington state ATU members were out in full force with activists at a rally to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest–and worst–trade deal most have never heard of, and efforts by Republicans to work with the Obama administration to “fast track” its passage. Watch this video of Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich to learn why it?s so bad for transit workers and all working families.? PHOTOS ? |?? VIDEO

TTC AttacksAttacks on Canada transit drivers could lead to harsher sentencing

As ATU members know well, being punched, kicked, spat on, and even shot at has unfortunately become part of the job. Now thanks to the longtime campaign by ATU in Canada people who assault public transit operators may face harsher penalties under a new amendment to the Criminal Code.? The House of Commons unanimously approved Bill S-221, introduced by Sen. Bob Runciman. READ MORE.

First Annual ATU Photo Contest

Throughout the years ATU?s In Transit, the ATU website and Facebook page, have featured incredible photos of ATU members on the job in rain, shine, or snow; at protests and rallies; and other captivating moments. Now, we want our members and retirees to capture the images that show what makes the ATU the great union it is today with the first ATU Photo contest. So grab your camera or smart phone and start taking photos.? READ CONTEST RULES.

ATU Camel arrested at Las Vegas Transit Workers Rally for Unity

The ATU 15-foot inflatable camel was arrested in Las Vegas at a unity rally of more than 90 transit workers calling for fair treatment, a fair contract and economic. The Local 1637members, employed by private contractors Keolis and MV Transportation, have been working without a contract for more than two years. Meanwhile RTC rewarded GM Tina Quigley with an outrageous pay increase and bonus package. READ MORE.

‘Jesus Take the Wheel Act’ a serious safety risk

With the highest poverty rate in the U.S. you would think Mississippi lawmakers would have more important issues to deal with than passing a bill that would permit churches from using drivers without commercial drivers? licenses for church events.? Nicknamed ?Jesus Take the Wheel Act,? this legislation is a serious safety risk that could result in deadly consequences.READ MORE.

ATU joins A Grand Alliance to Save Our Postal Service

With the continuing attacks on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), ATU has joined an alliance to stand up and fight for this important public service. The Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service has united more than 60 groups in opposition to weakening the USPS for the sake of private investment and profit. Watch this video from Actor and activist Danny Glover on why we all need to support the Grand Alliance.? WATCH VIDEO

Black History Month “Freedom Riders” winner

Congratulations to Local 1338-Dallas, TX member Van Simmons our latest Black History Month raffle winner. For a chance to win a copy of the civil rights documentary movie ?Freedom Riders? like Van go to the ATU website and simply type your e-mail, local union number, and zip or postal code in the boxes on the opening page and click ?Go.?

Valley Metro transit workers ratify strong contract

After more than six months of bargaining drivers and maintenance personnel at Valley Metro, Roanoke’s bus system, have ratified a new contract. The ATU Local 1493-Raleigh, NC members rejected more than one contract offer from First Transit.? Under the new agreement workers will receive increases in wages and company contributions for uniforms, tools, shoes and disability insurance. READ MORE.

Metro Transit bus driver makes final run of his 36-year career

Through the Twins’ 1987 World Series, snow blizzards, and traffic jams, Minneapolis bus driver Tony TaylorTony Taylor has seen it all over 36 years. The Local 1005 member has delivered more than 2 million passengers to all corners of the Twin Cities. He?s logged more than 700,000 miles without an accident and collected more than 60 awards. Tony is finally calling it quits and ATU salutes him for his years of safe service.? Read more.

ATU Mourns passing of retired Canadian Arthur Burke

Arthur BurkeWe are sad to report the passing of Retired International Vice President Arthur H. Burke this week. Burke was first appointed an international vice president in 1971, and was re-elected IVP at every subsequent Convention until his retirement in 1983. When he was appointed, Burke was serving as vice-president of Local 113-Toronto, ON. A true ATU man who attended many international events and Conventions during his retirement, we all will miss his supportive presence. Read more.

Dc Transit workersDC transit workers blast?Metro on safety

In the wake of a recent deadly fire at a Washington, DC Metro station, WMATA workers say the agency has failed its customers and drivers by not fostering a culture of safety and not offering rail operators adequate safety and emergency training. Local689 laid out its own agenda for creating a safety culture at Metro including the creation of an incentive program for those who do report safety problems.? Read more.

Phoenix transit workers call for change after beatings

Phoenix Transit WorkersAfter two recent violent attacks on bus drivers and the Super Bowl days away, Phoenix transit workers are calling for better safety to protect drivers and riders. Local 1433 believes stronger legislation is needed to prosecute attackers and retrofitting bus driver shields could help stop most physical attacks. However, the Local says transit companies aren’t willing to pay for upgrades.? Read more.





ATU voices opposition to Milwaukee streetcar

As yet another city ? Milwaukee ? proposes a ?boutique? streetcar project to supposedly ?boost? the city?sMilwaukee transit, ATU International President Larry Hanley renounced the $124 million project in a letter to city leaders. In the letter Hanley wrote, ?we are very concerned that the streetcar will negatively impact existing bus routes and hurt the working families who rely on them.”? Read more.




Sen Bernie SandersSen. Bernie Sanders: Let?s rebuild America

?Almost one-third of our roads are in poor or mediocre condition, and more than 40 percent of urban highways are congested. Transit systems face major unfunded repairs, while 45 percent of American households lack access to any transit at all,? Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) writes in an opinion piece for The Hill. Sen. Sanders calls for a $1 trillion investment to fix our nation’s transportation infrastructure.? Read more.

Handy Dart workersHandyDart workers rally for justice for wrongfully fired member

Showing support for a member who was wrongfully fired for standing up against workplace harassment, HandyDART workers rallied for justice. Local 1724 says the contractor MV Transportation cares more about profits than employees and riders. The members at the rally also urged people to vote ?yes? in the upcoming transit plebiscite, which would increase payments for transit service.? Read more.

Stop StaplesDon’t Shop at Staples

Staples and the U.S. Postal Service are working on another sweetheart deal that could privatize thousands of U.S. mail jobs & threaten mail service. While an initial pilot plan was abandoned, the Postal Service has talked of a new program to set up full postal counters inside the office-supply stores that will be staffed with untrained, low-wage Staples employees. ATU is joining a growing list of unions and other groups boycotting Staples in protest.? Read more.

Brampton Transit to test bus safety shields

Responding to pressure from transit workers, Brampton Transit will test operator safety shields on sixBrampton Transit shields buses.? Violent attacks on bus drivers and riders are a growing problem in both Canada and the United States. The ATU International and Locals have been pushing for increased safety measures on buses and transit systems across both countries.? Read more.




Freedom RidersWin a copy of Freedom Riders for Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month in February, ATU will be holding drawings to win a copy of the inspiring documentary ?Freedom Riders,? chronicling the courageous civil rights activists who in 1961 fought against racial segregation on buses. To be eligible to win, go to the ATU website and type your e-mail, local number, and zip/postal code in the boxes on the opening page and click ?Go.?? If you?ve already submitted your email you?re eligible.