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Office Renovations at 421 Osborne

There will be some construction work going on starting on Monday October 31, please read the bulletin for more info…

799 – Office Renovations

Richardson Airport Terminal opening

On October 30th ?the new airport terminal will open and it will be some changes for the bus terminal as a result we will have 2 routes affected 15 and 20, please read the bulletin for more info…

798 – Richardson Airport Terminal

Biggest loser challenge!

A big round of applause to all our fella brothers and sisters who participated in this challenging event, specially ?to the biggest loser…

797 – Biggest Loser Challenge


Valour Route Reroute

Affected Route 12, please read the bulletin for more info…

796 – Valour Road Reroute

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Vote results on current offer.

Anything and everything you need to know about labour relations: Labour Relations Act


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Richard Young the new Operation Supervisor appointment


It is with great?pleasure?to inform you that we have a new Operation Supervisor, Richard has dedicated part of his life to Winnipeg Transit and also has made an excellent?contributions to it, and if you remember him as a trainer, (he was mine) he is a great person with a human touch and also his education along with his experience make him a strong leader and an amazing asset to Winnipeg Transit. ?Congrats, Richard keep up the good work.

Please read the bulletin for more info….

781 – Operations Supervisor Appointment

New Footwear Contract

There is a new contractor, who provide this service, Corporate Security Supply (891 A Century Street) as usual you will be entitled to pay with 100 point (100 Dollars), and also this new supplier have 19 different styles to choose, for more info please read the bulletin…

794 – New Footwear Contract

Take Our Kids to Work Day!

As usual every single year, Winnipeg Transit along with parents, volunteers and relatives across the country encourage students from grade 9, ?to participate in this amazing program?which brings to our kids a different prospect from our regular working environment, this event will take place on November the second, and also refreshments and pizza will be available for those who participate at Winnipeg Transit Base 421 Osborne, starting at 1130 (11:30 AM).

For more info please read the bulletin

795 – Take Our Kids To Work Day

Steve Jobs passed away!

It is with great regret to inform you that one of the Pioneers in modern technology has left this world, his ideas his visions made a revolutionary change in our lives and the lives of future generations, you will be missed and we will keep you in our daily busy routines from now and forever.

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