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Banned person from Winnipeg Transit!

Please check the garage bulletin board for a bulletin about the latest banned person,?? keep an eye on this individual, as he has been a headache not only for Transit but also Police and Downtown watch.


Latest Offer uploaded.

The Cities latest offer is available on the Union Site as well as HERE.

Important Mass meetings August 28/11

Just a reminder to attend these meetings today at 1000 and 1800hrs at Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall 34 Higgins, remember these meetings are important for the membership. ?(Means you)

In Memory of Jack Layton


“My friends, love is better than anger. ?Hope is better than fear. ?Optimism is better than despair. ?So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. ?And we’ll change the world.”

Jack Layton


Jack Layton the leader of the NDP just passed away!

It is with great regret to inform that Jack Layton a pioneer leader in politics just passed away after?battling against cancer…

Just a bit of fun on a busy day!

Mass Meeting and Carhouse Vote on Contract 2011!


On August the 28th at the Plumbers and Steam Fitters Hall your Negotiating Team is presenting the City’s Contract offer to our membership.

Following the meetings we will be posting the Contract summaries for anyone who cannot make it to the meetings.

A Car House vote will commence on August 30th and finish on Sept 2nd, see the bulletins below for exact times and locations.


You Tube, crazy stuff.

The Bus Driver Song Classic! I think I recognize one of the drivers, Hilda isn’t she?

Whose Line: Geatest Hits Songs of the Bus Driver

The Complaint (typical)



Sept Run Cards posted.




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