Brand new Buses

Recently I had the opportunity to drive one of the new buses, specifically B#140, certainly they are a state of the art when it comes to new?technology, in terms of configuration it?accommodates?34 passengers, the handicapped area is user friendly, the seats are more comfortable and totally individual, the route computer again is user friendly,?air conditioning is really well calibrated you don’t have to turn it off or on in other words you won’t freeze or suffer from very cold air, it is a little bit longer 1 foot and a quarter and?and of course it’s a little bit taller, but generally speaking it’s very nice and really easy to drive it feels like you driving a limo or a Cadillac, the driver’s seat it’s another very interesting futures well it’s brand new and I could feel the pressure really good specially for your back I liked it.

Interesting stats before and after the big “hack attack”.:)

Boring for most, interesting for me.


A Google list of sites hit by the person who hit this site.

List of sites.

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The hack was done on the 15th, thanks to Ron for the timing info, the site visits went way down right after, then on the 19th they went way, way up.

Best traffic I’ve ever seen actually, sad really…:(

Here is the site that records the hack jobs these people do:

A place to record and detail the harm.




And here is the eclectic range of visitors to the site.? I guess we need to add some Francais to get some visitors from France, non?









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And here we have the top 30 visitors to the site, what is most interesting is the 23rd position, COW or otherwise known as City of Wpg from an internal network on a address yet, so somebody at the city spends a lot of time watching the site to get in the top 30. Can the computers in the canteen log onto here??? Hmmmm

Thats it.


Site hacked.

You may have tried logging into the site and were greeted by a rather “unique” page, no harm was caused, the culprits just inserted a new mainpage and somehow gained access to the mainpage loading file to direct to it.

I have taken steps to stop this from happening again, but hackers generally have more free time on their hands than us working folks and so have the upper hand when it comes to finding ways to mess with our online presence.


Faith versus Truth

Recently I had the opportunity, to participate in the monthly union meeting, and found out a lot of information that is really important in the life of all of us as transit operators, however there were a couple of ?issues that were discussed based in facts and overwhelming comments, that in somewhere turned out the truth in something that is not totally a fact. ?This is Spencer Ready versus Koz Karazi, at the end I could say that some signatures were required in order to bring Spencer to a highest level of discussion in other words through a tribunal and obviously to a serious repercussion not only in his personal life but for his entire reputation, specially for the party affected. ?It is important to put aside personal issues and see things in a very deep and conscious level, regardless of the offense/comment, that not only will affect work performance and uncounted level of stress. ?For a very positive outcome, this incident didn’t go further and a letter of apology was issued and the request for the membership to get this to a different level was voided. ?In a very complicated world and sometimes sophisticated terms our point of view might be distant but never out of focus. ?For the well being of the membership and a good understanding of our issues, we will continue our approach for better results and better?commitments.


Congratulations to all Winnipeg Transit staff on doing a superb job on the operation of the U2360? World Tour bus service on Sunday, May 29th. All of your dedicated work paid off insuccessfully moving over 8,000+ U2 fans to and from the Canad Inn Stadium.The U2 360? World Tour and True North event staff noticed and appreciated the efforts ofTransit staff in providing top quality bus transportation to this world class event.We have also received several compliments from the public on how very good the bus service was. A few people have even commented on how they were home within a half hour after the last song was played! ?We feel very fortunate to have had all of you on our team.We would like to thank everyone for the part you played in providing this top quality service to the highest attended event in the history of the Province of Manitoba.

Courtesy of Winnipeg Transit

We feel very appreciated when we receive this kind of letters,?acknowledging the good job that everybody does at transit, besides the challenges, schedules, rude passengers, white cards, etc. ?It is with great pleasure to know that we are appreciated at this level and ?for all the professional operators?that serve this beautiful city every single day.


Pedestrians lack of responsibility lead to accidents

It is with great regret that we hear the news, everyday that somebody got hit, but a car/bus/bicycle?or other meaning of fast movement of transportation. ?For ourselves as bus operators we carry a very high deal of?responsibility when we are behind the wheel, but for our surprise the public/pedestrians/people seems that they don’t care, it is simply a fact of life and we have to deal with it, which comes to my?conclusion, that is everybody’s interest in playing safe at all levels, that includes, public education, law enforcement and of course common sense. ?It is imperative that if everybody understands simple rules of safety we will have a better city, a better educated citizens and future generations of smart people, specially here in Winnipeg.