Cargo style pants are in, old blue pants are out!

635 – Deadline For Cargo Style Pants

Please be reminded the deadline to begin wearing the new cargo style
pants is January 1, 2011.? Uniform Stores has been receiving recent
deliveries of various sizes and is open between now and December 31.
If for some reason an Operator is not able to obtain their size in time, they
should contact their Operations Supervisor prior to January 1 to discuss

Commendation for all!

634 – Commendation – Osborne St. Fire Dec. 6

Winnipeg Transit recently received the following commendation from a very
grateful rider:
?Transit did a brilliant job of working around the Osborne fire this morning
(December 6th). Way above and beyond!
I had huge fears it was going to be a terrible experience and it was completely
painless. I was picked up by a shuttle within a minute of regular time at
Kingston Row and dropped at crazy corner (our driver actually overshot CC in
order to catch up to an Osborne bus we had just missed, heroically sparing us
all a wait and getting a cheer from the 15 or so passengers). The bus was
even on time downtown.??
Winnipeg Transit is always proud in receiving calls that reflect the continued
excellence of our Operators.
Thank you all for a job well done!

Election Results

Just received a call from the Union about the Election results, and they are as follows:

President Business Agent: Jim Girden

Vice President: Lawrence Lavallee

Financial Secretary Treasurer: Bob Sawatsky

Official results here: 2010_Election

Election 2010, polls open Dec 7th to 10th.

PLEASE NOTE: Proper Identification is required to obtain your ballot.

Polling locations, dates and times:

Dec 7th & 8th:?Union Office ?401-275 Broadway from 08:00h to 16:00h.

Dec 9th: North Garage from 04:00h to 16:00h

Dec 9th: Fort Rouge Garage?from 16:30h to Dec 10th 16:00h?

I cannot find any mention of where the ballot boxes will be located, but a pretty safe bet is in the canteen areas of NG and FRG.

Please remember that all ballots must be marked with an “X” and must stay within the designated area, and any other marks, circles, check marks, etc can and likely will result in a spoiled ballot as per by law 5-2: ?


5-2 Directions for Voting ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

All ballots will be marked with an “X” only in designated area on the ballot.


Biographies are to be available at the polling stations for those who have difficulty remembering the name of the candidate they wish to vote for.

If you wish to verify the times and locations a photo of the bulletin is below:

Car House Vote ELECTION 2010Some minor repairing of the photo was required to make it readable at the bottom.

New News, some bulletins for you.

Police cadets ride for free, hopefully they will take full advantage of this and we will have a little more security for our drivers while on the job, as well as some measure of security at bus stops as they wait for buses, etc, all good in my view.

Police Cadets ride for free bulletin.

And a “Say it ain’t so” bulletin, Curb Feelers to be installed on buses! Oh lord. 🙁

The bulletin has some real serious numbers, I had no idea that much damage was being created. Be sure to read the bulletin,?there’s some?seriously high?dollar figures.?

Curb Feelers Bulletin

The only issue I see is that it?may drag on the ground when driving in the asphalt ruts that get created in the summer, if the tip?of it?is as close to the ground as it looks, imagine it dragging non stop for the 5 or 10 feet that each asphalt stop has these ruts.??Also it will impede on the ability to swing the front end over some curbs as is necessary in some stops to get in parallel to the curb, the Sears stop at Polo Park is a good example, so these curb feelers will sustain some serious damage in short order unless they finally fix these stops, which is unlikely, so watch this and stop away from the curb the 4 feet they teach if you can’t get with in the foot that’s expected.