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And another Candidate for President, Armando Brambilla.

In keeping with fairness and transparency I will post?all candidates info who ask, Armando has asked all inquiries be made through his email or website. A Forum link and topic is automatically generated by this post and comments are welcome.

My apologies to Armando for miss-spelling his last name.

One of the Candidates for President, Welcome Khosrov Kharazi!

I was asked to offer some space for the participants in the election, first up is….

Khosrov Kharazi!? Feel free to ask for his position on anything in the forums section.

No more Clock Cards!

Statues live a sad lonely life, sometimes!

Union Election! Should I run?

Been talking to some other drivers about the Election, and wondering if I should run for one of the available positions?

I’ve been told Keith isn’t running, and that there will be about 6 or 7? people running for President, 2 or 3 for Vice President and maybe 2 for Treasurer.

So what do you folks think, should I run? And if so what position should I run for?? And please don’t say a position that you wouldn’t honestly vote for me.

I’d love to hear from you, whatever you have to say.

Thank you

Bob sawatsky


Graham Ave open at last!

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