Instructions on how to park a bus. (Bulletin)

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OCTOBER 22, 2010


POST: October 22, 2010
REMOVE: November 22, 2010
In order for buses to move out of the storage area effectively, it?s important that transit staff continue to park buses correctly and safely. Occasionally buses are still being parked improperly at both garages causing safety concerns.

Buses continue to be parked over crosswalks and tracks are not straight, as the buses are parked too far to the left or right side. This practice is unacceptable and a safety concern for the evacuation of staff from the storage area in the event of an emergency.

Section 22.1.10 of the Bus Operator?s Manual states ?When entering the bus storage area, sound the horn, keep the wheels straight until the bus is completely inside and then adjust to the centre of the track, using the overhead fluorescent lights as a guide. The bus should be centred between the lights. The red ribbon markers indicate crosswalks and where the front of the bus should be stopped.?

The red ribbon markers at FRG will soon be replaced with more highly visible ribbons. Do not park over crosswalks and ensure that your bus is parked straight on the tracks at both Fort Rouge and North Garage.

Defibrillators at last, and no more shutting off low floors.

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OCTOBER 27, 2010


Winnipeg Transit has purchased six Zoll Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) that are being installed
across Winnipeg Transit properties. They will be located at:

? Fort Rouge Dispatch
? North Garage Dispatch
? G-Section Brake Shop/Night Shift office
? Instruction Main Office
? Customer Services at 414 Osborne St.
? Garry St. Transit Service Centre

These AED units are automated and do not require any input from the user. However, many staff throughout the Department are receiving training in their use.

The AED units have been placed in alarmed cabinets. When removed for the purpose of assisting an
unresponsive victim Control Centre is to be notified for activating EMS and coordinating the response.
Protocols will be placed on safety boards and other conspicuous places at various locations throughout the facilities along with maps showing the location of the nearest units.

Please remember that when assisting, your safety is very important! When retrieving an AED please walk at a brisk pace – DO NOT RUN!

All Transit employees should familiarize themselves with the locations of these AED units.


Good news for us,? hopefully they will never be needed, but it’s great to know they are there if needed.

And with winter rolling in, no more turning off low floors for the winter months.


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OCTOBER 27, 2010


As the fall season approaches and temperatures begin to drop, Operators are reminded
they are no longer required to shut down low floor buses when idling for 5 minutes or

Went to one of the Consultation Workshops.

About ?a?month ago I went to one of the Consultation Workshops, all in all it was run similarly to the Focus Group Workshops we had appr a year ago except for the rush seating opposed to the assigned seating of the previous workshops or meetings. I found out that the change in seating methodology was simply because of a lack of interest on the part of the drivers, very few were responding to the requests to attend, and so they had to resort to whatever means necessary to fill the seats, going so far as to just post bulletins asking for drivers to attend…? Seems odd? that nobody seems to care now,?? yet two years ago we were up in arms ready to strike about this issue, whats changed?

Anyways, on to the meeting, each group was asked to guess or assume why the vote went the way it did. answers were based? on personal experience of course as well as things that we had heard from other drivers, the reasons were posted on our wall, these reasons were then grouped together by similarity and posted on the “Bulletin Board” .? Then we had a short break and were instructed to do silent brain storming and come up with what we felt were the most possible reasons? “C” was voted down,? the reasons were again posted on our wall and then each person in each group would look at the reasons given by their group and vote 2 or 3 times, in our case we were given 2 votes.

We voted by placing a check mark beside the reason we felt best described the reason proposal C failed. Now this is a manner of whittling down information that I don’t like, because depending on the makeup of the group the choice can be extremely one way or the other, especially with scramble seating, if the table had all junior operators or all senior, the votes were obviously slanted in one direction or another. If more junior operators held the majority at the table then? the choices showed the junior drivers opinions of the vote and of Proposal C, so anybody who heard me read out our answer of “Proposal “C” failed because it favored senior operators over junior operators”? were probably surprised to hear me say that, but I was just reading the reason that got the most votes, none of my reasons was picked.:(

Some?Union?and Management representatives turned out,?at it, some tables had more than one management or Union representative at the table, which may or may not have made much difference, but it seemed kind of odd considering efforts to have balance and variety? at all the previous Focus Groups and the Consultation Workshops, it didn’t pan out perfectly at each, but more effort was certainly made, and I think it showed in the results generated.

At least all the reasons and answers given were kept at the end, to be looked at later we were told. And hopefully they do that, because otherwise many reasons and possible solutions would be missed.

Now if I got any of that wrong, feel free to correct me, or share what your workshop was like as I was at the Wednesday afternoon workshop, and maybe we can get an idea if anything was generated out of this.

Sorry that this was posted a bit late because of some bad things going on in my?working life right now, some difficulty with our EBP/EBB and the?apparent hilarity of the WCB’s mantra “Work shouldn’t hurt” campaign, don’t believe everything you read or hear. More to follow.

October monthly meeting coming up, we need your vote!

The upcoming Wednesday October 13th 2010 meeting at 10:00h and 19:30h in room 103 at the Union Center at 275 Broadway.

The motion along with Bulletin is viewable at the following link:? Oct meeting with motion notification.

Most of the Executive Board and Stewarts will probably vote against it which will total about 14 votes.

As by-laws changes always require two thirds of the vote compared to 50% plus one for non by-law motions, we will need two thirds of the vote or 66% to pass this motion, so if there are minimum 15 votes against it, plus add any members who may be looking to run and are liking the fact the are currently big fish in a very small pond, and you will see likely another 5 or so absolutely voting against it,? so if we want to handily pass it we will need 40 or 50 additional members over and above the usual numbers to pass it.? Can we get that many people interested enough to come out to one meeting?

If any attempts are made to change or re-table the motion for future debate, the efforts will have to be voted down or this won’t get a chance to pass until after the current elections, which would be a real shame.

I hope to see you all at the Oct 13th meeting, I’ll be at the 19:30h meeting.:)

Bob #123