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Bill C-314 + another Driver assault = Wildcat strike?????

The Legislation to make assaulting Civil Servants a crime on par with assaulting a Peace Officer is gaining steam, and because of another Driver assault that had a relatively weak delivery of justice, some people are extremely pissed, and can anyone blame them?

They are now talking about a national wildcat strike, but do we need to go that far? By law anyone who is fearful for their safety has the right to refuse to work. And if someone else is asked to do the work, they are required to be told of the particulars and then asked if they would like to do the work, it seems to me that a less confrontational way of bringing this to the forefront is possible without making our Union Leaders or organizers ending up in jail. The routes that are too dangerous to drive, the ones in the East End I believe it is of Vancouver, (correct me if I'm wrong) could simply be routes refused to be driven, these same routes iirc were being ridden by Union people who were there to protect the drivers, now they have police, with guns no less, tazers and bearspray, but the Judges are letting the perpetrators out on the street on a conditional sentence.

Where does the madness end? What does this person have to be, work? Tough luck, he should have thought of that before laying a beating a a public servant.

Does anyone think a National Wildcat Strike will make the Government move faster on bill C-314?


Subject: The punishment doesn?t fit the crime !!!!

The Coast Mountain Bus Company and its drivers reacted with dismay Thursday to the news that a man who pleaded guilty to assaulting a female bus driver in March has been given a three-month conditional sentence and nine months of probation.

It may be time to start talking about a “NATIONWIDE TRANSIT STRIKE” to ensure something is done before someone *is* killed.




To see the group, follow the link below:


Cell phones, smart phones and texting, just say no!

The new law has kicked in regarding cell phone use, it covers everything from texting to smoking, so be careful and be smart, get a hands free device like a blue tooth ear piece and relax, I did, and if I can use a blue tooth anyone can.

And here is Transit’s bulletin.


New rules for next Union Election re: campaigning!

Just found out?recently that the rules restricting campaigning during elections have been declared not valid.

This means that one can?say what they feel and what they stand for regarding things like WCC, Part timers or reduced hour’s, Transit Police and Shields, complaint procedures, etc. So we can finally get a feeling for what someone will do if they get our vote.

Of course running down others by defaming or spreading rumours can result in sanctions,?and if too severe even criminal charges, so hopefully we won’t see any serious mud slinging.

So come election time be sure to ask the person asking for your vote, what they?are going to ?do to earn it and where they stand on issues important to you.

Try to make it out to this weeks Union Meeting, 14th July.

Please come out to todays or tonights Union Meeting at the Union Centre, 10:00h or 19:30h. And feel free to ask questions.

It has come to my attention that my enquiries regarding the rules against? campaigning during our Union Elections has been reversed by the International.

So, what this means is obvious,? from now on you will get to see and hear what a person’s position is on items of importance and they will be able to advertise these positions without worry of being ejected from the election as has been?the practice?in previous elections.

I don’t know if this?will make?much of a change, it all depends on whether the candidates choose to make use of pamphlets?or websites to make their pitches to the membership. As has been pointed out to me, selling oneself is one thing, tearing down another to make oneself look better will not be tolerated and rightly so, so hopefully we won’t see any negative?type?publicity?like the ones we see from the US elections, though I doubt anyone would want to chance a charge of slander, libel or defamation to bolster their campaign. When someone talks down about someone else they generally end up looking more the fool then the person they are trying to target.

Also we are due some answers regarding the revised day-off system, or rather the lack of revision.

Bob #123

Finally something to say!

First here’s a funny video I came across while researching my latest favourite show, Topgear! Its a BBC show that I came across purely by accident and I can’t get enough of it.

This video is hosted on Spike and is better quality than the BBC site, bigger, please excuse their pokes at us busdrivers, its all in good humour. When Transit was getting rid of the old Orion busses I tried to get permission to use them for a potential fundraiser bus race, regrettably it didn’t get too far as the head of maintenace at the time wouldn’t allow the use of their busses for anything like a race, so it was doomed to failure. Anyways, here is what I may have envisioned us doing at a race course if it had worked out. 😉


Here’s the home site for them: http://www.topgear.com/uk/

They have lots of previous shows on the site to view here: http://www.topgear.com/uk/videos

Enjoy 😉