Well the search is still on for a suitable day-off system.

The vote came in and the No’s have it, and by a very large spread indeed.




Nobody at FRG looked too disappointed, or concerned even, and I don’t really think?anybody can blame them, they tried their best and it didn’t fly. It didn’t fly because it was an Albatross, I call it an Albatross because of all the complaints and concerns raised by drivers about its complexity and its issues like split days of, assigned work to day-off group, etc, wasn’t much said about it that was upbeat. I honestly never saw the greatness in it that others saw, I didn’t wish to poison the well by talking down about it, but it just didn’t do it for me, and obviously for most others either. So anyways, now that that has finally been settled we can move on to hopefully finding something more to the general populations liking. Like perhaps massaging the day-off rotation to eliminate the 7 day stretches and start talking about things like possibly increasing our daily shifts to 8 hours instead of 7.5 which would have an effect similar to the 10 hour days of creating more x-grp, not as much of course but some, and that was one of the forum requests to increase x-grp. So lets try and come up with some improvements.

Of course this time?it’s going to be up to the Union and the Drivers to try and come up with an alternative, so roll up your sleeves folks, we got our work cut out for us.