For anyone following the Tom Bregg nightmare.

Tom Bregg has become a name?synonymous with everything that’s wrong with society today, safety practices that fall far short for transit workers and lack of government workplace safety and health protection for us.

The first two links provide the story if you are not familiar with?what happened to ?Tom Bregg. Suffice to say he is an Edmonton Bus Operator and was beaten almost to death.

This?third link is the onboard video of the beating that night, the video is disturbingly violent and graphic, do not let children or youngsters watch this video.

According to the Facebook page in his honour, Tom is making a remarkable recovery, good to hear he is healing.

Bob #123

Radio link is gone, and why.

I had been told that the CRTC had said that rebroadcasting of unencrypted radio signals was fine, which made sense as our transit radio frequencies are not encrypted. Thus they can be received by any radio capable of picking up the frequencies they transmit on, and?I know many people who have scanners and other radios that are capable of picking up transits radio communications and listen when they use their computers or while working on hobbies. But lately I became aware of a concern on transits part that what I was doing was not legal and as I have no desire to break any laws I did some research and found?some?information?that sounds like it contradicts what the CRTC had previously said, so I have taken down the radio feed. I am aware of sites that broadcast live feeds of Wpg Police and Fire and Ambulance and will try and find out if they know something that I don’t. Until such time as I find irrefutable proof that I can do so without legal issues I will be forced to leave the scanner feed off.?

It was?only a few?drivers who had?requested it, and only two or three people were ever logged on to the feed per day and usually the same people at the same times, mainly it sat idle with no listeners, so I will post the transit frequencies as they are listed on the Industry Canada site as they are public knowledge, and if anyone is interested I will help them to find scanners for themselves to listen to if they wish. The best place to buy a cheap scanner is Radio Shack in Grand Forks, on a sale price you can get one for less than a hundred dollars, on Black Friday or other Holidays you will sometimes get them for $69 or less, and with our dollar at or near par its a great deal.?

Radio Shack

Durham Radio Sales?? based in Canada, the cheapest scanners are all you need to listen to transit, trunking scanners are needed to listen to the Police.

So here are the frequencies from the Industry Canada site:

RIP Terry Hudson


Deceased Friday May 14th 2010, 54 Years young.




TERRY JAMES HUDSON It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Terry James Hudson on Friday, May 14 2010 at the age of 54 years. Left to cherish his memory are his loving wife Joyce, daughter Kelly (Jason), special angels Breanna and Jennifer and his 4 legged friend Max; siblings, Barb (Simon), Bev (Ray), Bill (Deb), Jo-anne (Dan), Don (Deb), David (Sherry) and adopted brother Jim (Elaine), along with his many nieces, nephews, family and friends. Terry was predeceased by his parents, Bill and Edna (King), sister Patricia and his first wife Iliene. Terry was employed for 14 years at Jim Gauthier and as a Winnipeg Transit driver for the past 24 years. Terry and Joyce enjoyed countless hours with his family and friends, especially at their trailer at the lake. Terry was truly a people person. Once you met him, you had a friend for life. Special thanks to Caroline, Rick, Dr. Johnson, staff at Concordia Hospital and family/friends for all their help and support during this difficult time. In respect of Terry’s wishes, cremation has taken place. A private family service will be held. Flowers are graciously declined. Donations in Terry’s memory may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I love you Dad and you’ll be in my heart always – Kelly and Jason. We love you papa from your special angels Terry you are the love of my life and I will miss you forever – Joyce.


Many at Transit knew Terry as Papa Smurf, he was as described above a real people person and that was the perfect description of him, I knew him as a co-worker and yet felt I knew him better than that. I’ll miss his mischievious smile and his jolly manner.? He was indeed a nice person and he will be missed.

Good bye Terry and Rest in Peace!


It’s Sign-up time again, with an added twist!

Yes, Sign up Fans, its the one we’ve all been waiting for, the sign-up to end all sign-ups, yes, its the Sign-up with the added Kimbo Slice on the side, thheeeee “Mock Sign-up”!

Wondering what I’m talking about, so am I, I’m just so excited I can hardly contain myself, this sign-up we are going to get to test drive the new Day-Off System that we’ve all been hearing so much good and bad about, depending on your source of course.:)

So anyways, this is where we get to see how the new Day-Off System affectionately referred to as “C” will work out in a real life trial. The numbers look good, its hard to say which way ts gonna go, I have my guess and I’m sure you all have yours, soon enough there will be no more guesswork and we’ll finally find out if all this work was for nout, yes nout, look it up.:) Coronation Street rears its ugly head once again.:)

So here’s the link to the sign-up schedule, again I put it on a back page so that peoples names aren’t on the front page of the site, at least it gives them a bit of privacy.

If anyone want’s to discuss it. please go to the forums to do so.

Thank you.

Bob Sawatsky #123