Shocking screw up by copier manufacturers, CBS exposes it.

Hi Everyone
It’s not often I feel a mass email is necessary, but this link sent to me is a real surprise?and shocking to say the least.
Some of the copiers we have at work look very similar to the ones featured in the news piece, some that have been used at nearly every place you do business at, they put anything you scan at risk of being used by someone at some later date.
Watch the video and understand the concern, its a real potential privacy issue, and needs to be looked into, especially with the sensitive data we use at work or in our Unions office regarding medical backgrounds, drivers license copies which can be used in identity theft, etc.
If all you do is watch the video, please think back to all the places that have copied personal papers of yours, the lawyers, insurance agents, doctors offices, the list goes on.

See ya

Would you support reducing certain Election requirements?

I’ve been thinking about making a motion to change the current by-laws to stop keeping members in good standing from running just because they don’t have 12 meetings attended during the previous 24 months.

I believe that any dues paying member in good standing should be able to run for any position, we have shifts that can and do interfere with the ability of members being able to attend meetings, either due to working the entire time our meetings are run, they can miss the meeting due to time constraints due to the start or finish time of their shift and also due to family obligations, like daycare, etc.

Would you folks be prepared to vote to change the current practice to something fairer?

I am also looking at changing the current practice of not allowing campaigning by anyone trying to run for a position of our Union, and the current practice not only stops nominees from taking a stand on issues to show other members where they stand on something, because as I have been told by our Union Executive, that would be against the rules.

We are expected to make our decision based solely on the biographies posted showing what the nominee has accomplished, something a new person wouldn’t have much to show as they haven’t had the courses and opportunities that current elected and even appointed persons would have, which is a considerable edge if no campaigning is allowed.

I used the question of whether a nominee could answer a simple question like would they support the WCC in the future after the election, and I was shocked to find that they could NOT answer that question because they said that was campaigning.

NOTE: I was contacted by Keith S of our Union Executive and told that voicing an opinion about something like WCC activity would be allowed as “electionering”, it would cover a person making a personal statement about their belief or stance on a particular subject, I was mis-informed about what was not allowed, but campainging is and always has not been allowed.?

How else are we to find out what the person is like and what they stand for or if they want what we want if they can’t tell us?

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Various Bulletins, keep informed.

Great opportunity for someone with a flair for the written word.

Its almost time to turn off Low Floor buses for the warmer months.

Texting for schedules is new and popular.

Enhanced communications between Street Supervisors and even Mechanics with buses.

Seat cushion survey, apparently many aren’t bothering to fill them out, no complaints mean eveything is perfect, nobody likes to complain but remember, the squeeky wheel gets the grease.

Seat cushion Survey in PDF form.

Concert Hall restrooms update.

LOL, you’ll like this one if you haven’t read it yet, how long they keep records on you.

If you haven’t taken advantage of getting footware from Gordons Footware, you should, they have terrific quality shoes and boots and all sizes, this Bulletin shows the new address on Portage.

All 2010 Bulletins, except banned persons, I don’t need to get sued for defamation, if you need to see them then email me so I know you are a current bus operator and I can pass along the bulletins.

Check out the right side of the main page to see links to Bulletins back to 2005.

April 14th Union meeting. Yes, we had a quorum, way to go folks. :)

So we had enough people to have a meeting, first order of business was to vote on a request to run an alternative day-off system with the one were currently testing, Proposal C. The vote was close to unanimous and other considerations were presented that made passing it a moot point anyways, so we again move ahead with our current choice for now.

A motion has been tabled to have a mass meeting to discuss the Proposal C and raise some concerns with it, it will be held at the Plumbers and Steam Fitters Hall on Higgins on May the 9th/2010 from 13:00h to 15:00h. The Hall rental is $250. No word yet on if the Union has found someone to take the lectern and answer questions for the meeting attendees. You’ll have to understand that some of the people involved have had enough with attending meetings and answering questions, so who ever does it is very dedicated to the cause, and no it isn’t me.

The first week of May prior to the meeting on the Sunday the WCC has asked a group of people who have helped on the day-off roll-out to help with hosting some information booths (board displays) at various locations and times to inform the membership on things that have been asked.
So by the time we have the meeting we likely will have given out all the information there is to give, the reason for waiting till now to do this was to make the time between the info dispensing and the vote as minimal as possible so the people are less likely to forget the information before they get to vote, after all the info is rather dry and easy to forget to most.:)
I only hope the attendees of the Mass Meeting don’t think that they are able to achieve any change to the day-off proposal, the time is short and I can’t see how they could possibly make any changes without consulting all the stake holders involved and do it in time for the Mock Sign-up. Just my opinion, maybe I’ll be proved wrong though I can’t see how it could be pulled off .

Also for the Proposal ?C? Car house Vote the Advance Polls are at ?the Union Office from the 7 to the 8 of June during office hours.
June the 9th at NG from 04:00h-16:00.
June 9th at FRG from 16:30h to the 10th until 16:00h.

Take care folks.

Bob #123

Please note correction to date of advance polls.