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This is once again about the new day-off systems being considered and some of the good and the bad, you will be deciding which is which.

Our Current system when run through the Giro scheduling computer turned out to make no changes or any great consequence,? it went nowhere because its as good as its gonna get, at least that’s what the pro’s down in Montreal said, with our very pronounced and distinct rush hour peaks we have a very unique situation unlike any other city apparently. As a result our scheduling system is honed to a very fine edge after many, many? years of tweaking it, any more and it just breaks. The alternatives aren’t all bad, but I too have some concerns with some.
Now I don’t like the idea of doing a 10 hour day as I think its just not safe to do so, luckily? I wouldn’t have to unless I chose to, but the people who are forced to may not like it. But I have heard that other property’s do it and have no issues. I don’t know if our system would accommodate it as well as other cities have though, I don’t know if its the state of our roads and the poor synchronization of our lights, or its the tightness of our runs and the minimal time at the terminals and general lack of rest breaks. I know we get paid to not have rest breaks, but that doesn’t mean a person should be run for 4, 6 or God forbid 8 and now possibly 10 hours without enough time to fart. I know that 10 hour straight shifts will only happen on weekends, but still, 8 hours a day seems like an eternity some days and now for some i will increase to 10 with an hour or two off.? We really need to have some rules set in place to give time for us to get a breather at the ends of the routes or at shopping malls or wherever it allows us to use facilities to go to the bathroom or maybe to just shake off the scare when dealing with the many hundreds of idiotic things drivers and pedestrians do that make us age 10 years for each year we drive.

Also it wasn’t that long ago the labour board got complaints about 8 hour straight shifts and they said if drivers didn’t stop complaining about them they might step in and look at removing them, now granted these won’t be 10 hour straight shifts, at least not on weekdays, but none the less doing a 12 hour shift with 10 in the saddle is “a long time”, a very long time. I hope people fully understand what they are getting into when then drop their vote in the ballot box!

Metro – Violence on transit becomes a growing concern

Metro – Violence on transit becomes a growing concern.

It’ s not just in Winnipeg, everywhere they seem to be experiencing the same problems.

The shields being discussed are for our safety, and yet I can’t believe that companies are saying that they are concerned what the passengers are going to think about it. If it prevents someone from kicking us in the head from behind, or punching us while were checking our mirrors or even stops someone from stealing the backpack that has your lunch/supper or your laptop that you’ll need because your taking a night course.

One of the issues brought up at the WCC Focus Groups was a secure area to keep our belongings, a partial shield, commonly known as a spit-shield would help to not only protect us but prevent the theft of our items as someone would have to come around the shield to get at the items behind you, which would be nearly impossible.

Simple and relatively easy fix to a number of concerns many drivers have pointed out. If you think a spit-shield would be a good thing, speak up, because right now we keep hearing that only a small minority of drivers want the shields, so if those who want them don’t speak up, it may never happen. At least not until its too late, as usual.

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Sign-up dates for Consultation meetings.

For those who may have missed sign-up or didn’t see the Consultation Workshop sign-up area, here is a re-cap. Both the Consulatation Workshops and the Pilot are strictly voluntary and require registration, hence the sign-up display at sign-up. As attendance is voluntary it is also on your own free time,? relief will not be given for this event.

The Consultation Workshops are both on back to back? Sundays in February on the 21st and 28th at 10:00h to 14:00h,? a light lunch and beverages will be served.

We are also running a Pilot in the Sign-up room to iron out any kinks on Wednesday the 17th of February at 10:00h to 14:00h.? Sorry but no lunch is planned, but the cafeteria has some good and reasonably priced lunch items and I am sure we can procure some coffee and drinks for us. The only advantage to anybody participating in the Pilot is that they will get to find out the details of the Schedule and Day-Off scenarios before anybody else will, thats the best we can offer you.:)
So if anyone couldn’t make sign-up or didn’t sign-up for either of the Consultation Workshops or the Pilot, you can email me and I will see that you get your name on the sheet, but don’t wait to long as we think they will fill up quickly as sign-up goes on.? Email me at : busdriver_email

Sign-up for the Consultation Meetings!

I took the Tuesday morning sign-up post and had only 10 or so people sign on for the consultation meetings, thats ok I guess as its the junior drivers who really need to make the choice since they will live with the consequences the longest.

Hopefully we wont see to many people voting no for change simply because they have a hate on for transit and seem to want to share that hate with anything transit related, even something that may improve the lives of many other fellow drivers.

And if you think I’m dreaming or exaggerating, I spoke to a driver I know and he told me he was going to vote no just because he said he had to go through the tough shifts and that anybody hired knew what they were getting into and they should essentially suffer as he has.? Now why anyone would wish this on complete strangers is completely foreign to me as I would always welcome improvements for me,? my work mates as well as to anyone else coming up through the? ranks and yet to start, and if voting in one of the new scenarios would make the job better for everyone including new drivers, then I would say go for it. Doing otherwise especially when voting to keep the current day off system when another would be the same or better is as the saying goes, cutting one’s nose off to spite there face.

So I guess I’m asking the more junior drivers who want to see improvements, make sure you get informed, and please? get the drivers around the your seniority to get informed and bug them to vote for and then try, try, and try some more to get as many out to vote as possible to offset the disgruntled, unhappy people who are out to throw a wrench into the hard work thats gone into doing what the majority asked the city to do back in Aug of 2008, to improve the schedules and eliminate the seven day stretches. The WCC has tried with the City and the Union to do what was asked, and now its coming down to the wire for the members to pick what they want, I can’t imagine the message it would send if the choice that came down was to stick with the status quo?

So please get your John Hancock down on the Consultation Workshop Sheets for either the Pilot on Feb 17th 10:00 to 14:00h, or the 21st or the 28th from 10:00 to 14:00h and learn about the different scenarios and hopefully select a clear winner for us all to to choose.