Signup starts on Monday Folks.

And this has become so much easier since I quit doing it and the Union has picked up the slack, so with thanks to the Locals efforts and their permission to use their links and another thanks to Transit for providing the sheets, here are the run sheets:

Day Shifts ??? Week Days Saturdays Sundays

Night Shifts ? Week Nights Saturdays Sundays

Stat Holiday Crews

And I have to add the usual disclaimer, if any difference exists between these copies and the actual sign-up sheets, the sign-up sheets in the sign-up room shall be considered correct.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody and all the best in the New Year.

For those looking for information here is some, another fare increase.

Fare increases for 2010 are:

2010 Fares 2009 Fares
Full Fare ? Regular Cash 2.35 2.30
Ticket 2.05 2.00
Max 5 Weekday Pass 18.25 17.90
SuperPass 20.50 20.00
Monthly Pass 74.00 72.80
Post-Secondary Monthly Pass 59.00 58.30
Reduced Fare Cash 1.85 1.80
Ticket 1.40 1.38
SuperPass 14.00 13.80
Monthly Pass 50.00 49.20
Senior Fare Cash 1.85 1.80
Ticket 1.02 1.00
SuperPass 10.25 10.00
Monthly Pass 37.00 36.40
Handi-Transit Fares Cash 2.35 2.30
Ticket 2.05 2.00
Monthly Pass 74.00 72.80

A belated Merry Christmas, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but Christmas is a very busy time for most of us and that includes me, but don’t dispair as we, meaning the WCC, have been busy during Christmas working on the many details of the roll out of the new day off system and scheduling system that goes along with it. Were just trying to finalize some dates and arrangements for some meetings, I think you’ll be surprised at what’s in store for you all.

I can’t let too much out of the bag, but suffice to say you folks who want to know whats happening will have a tremendous opportunity to find out exactly what you want and what there is to offer, exciting times and just a little more patience and you will find out the where’s and when’s and finally the how’s.

All I can say is what was said at the Union meeting this past month, everybody will be surprised at the benefits of the new day off scenarios, more straight shifts, more X-Grp and some odd twists thrown in for people to think about, the tough part will be in keeping an open mind and determining which one is the winner, and why?

I can’t wait to see how well the selection process works?and how everybody decides whats best for them, an interesting month or two are coming up and its all for our benefit.

A shame it will take a fair while to implement, were talking radical change here folks, as said previously in another post the change will involve a whole new system with many new changes that we’ve been hearing about for many years, finally coming to life, you folks with many years left to go will have a great opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your life at transit, I will likely miss it as will most with higher seniority, oh well! I hope you folks who get to experience it will enjoy it, the people who worked hard to get it done are really looking forward to finally pulling the sheets off this new model, and I can’t blame them for being eager. Its been a long haul for the WCC schedules committee and they are bringing you the best they could, and it wasn’t always easy, or so I’ve heard as I’m not on the scheduling committee and I only got to see the passion of the people involved at certain times,?and they definitely are passionate about what they are doing here and some seem consumed with making the best out of what they have created and I?think ?they have succeeded, so hopefully everyone else is also happy with the presented scenarios, or at least one, which is after all what were looking for, isn’t it? Just one.

Off topic, but relevant to many. Do you use a Blackberry?

The other day you may have noticed that some features were unavailable on your Blackberry, there was a hiccup of sorts and I’ve read that all of North America was affected, here is a snippet from? the entire article link is here: Outage for Blackberry users!

“The issue was so serious that CNBC even reported on it with the video above, but they say everything should be back to normal as of today. If you haven?t already make sure you download the new BBM from”

Just bought one a month or so ago, and it works very nicely, a nice little all in one package, don’t need to carry a GPS around in the car anymore, organizer is now obsolete, goodbye HP Pocket PC, etc, very nice phones and at MTS if you have MTS Internet right now you can get a Blackberry Curve for free and the monthly bill is only $35 plus some added fees and taxes, bill comes in at around $43 or so with unlimited data plan, not bad at all.

The Santa Bus by Free Press columnist Doug Speirs

I always enjoy reading Doug Speirs, a humour columnist for the Free Press, this article in the paper this past week painted one of us in a nice positive light, so kudo’s to Paul Snider for representing us so well:

And when Santa (Doug Speirs) asked each passenger what they wanted for Christmas for themselves and what they wanted for the City, one passenger had? this to say:

“Robin’s worker Sylvia, for herself: “I want one of those high-definition TVs. Thirty-six inches is all I can fit in my apartment.””

“For the city (pointing at Santa Bus driver Paul Snider in his elf cap): “That we have more bus drivers like this one because he always waits for us and he’s so jolly. We love him!”? ”

And Doug Speirs never missing a chance to grab an opportunity:

” “And Santa? He had his eyes on one gift — a chance to drive the Santa Bus. So Santa asked our joyful driver if he could take it out for a spin.

“Ha ha ha,” is what Paul told me. “You’ll have to check with Santa on that one.”

Guess what? Santa’s fine with it. He hopes to see you on the bus real soon. And he really hopes that big lever on the left is the brake.” ”

Christmas has got to be the greatest time of the year, Happy Holidays folks and have Merry Christmas everyone.

LOL, the passenger is always right, but which passenger?:)

This column from the FreePress is put out by Tom Oleson, the Patron Saint of Bus Drivers in Winnipeg, and here is a snippet from the aforementioned column:

“But on most of the buses that I ride daily, if you want to leave by the back door, you have to address the yellow strip. It’s not really a complicated process. There is even a sign on the doors saying “Press yellow strip to open door,” or words to that effect and, sure enough, when you press it, the doors open and you are free to take your chances in downtown Winnipeg, Inkster Park, South St. Vital or whichever ganglion of Winnipeg’s gangland you happen to be in.
It’s so simple, in fact, that even I got it right the first time I tried it. And so do most people. But some just don’t seem to get it. They stand doltishly in front of the back door as if it is somehow going to magically open. When the magic doesn’t happen, they yell, not too pleasantly, usually, “Back door!” and the bus driver, patiently, pleasantly but also exasperatedly, replies: “It’s open. Push the yellow strip,” and magically the bus is one dolt lighter.”

Mr. Oleson has written many columns about many things great and small, and some of those columns involved bus drivers and our role in the grand scheme of things,? and usually he comes across as sympathetic to our efforts doing an often difficult job. I certainly appreciate his kind words and his unique anecdotes.

December Monthly Union Meeting.

There was none, one member shy of making a quorum so no meeting officially occurred. As per the bylaws an informational meeting was held and other than some stats from the new day off system being read to the members present, nothing much was said. Some donations were made and I believe one was denied, maybe I should keep better minutes, but really, why bother when we don’t even get to vote on anything, no quorum means everything is left up to the executive.

Members complain that they don’t like what the Union is or isn’t doing about something. I guess that in some disingenious way then by not showing up and forcing the executive and membership to vote on everything they are removing the possibility of the members having any influence, I guess one could argue that in that case the Union IS responsible for everything then since we never get to vote on anything. <shrug> I dont know, it seems like a helluva silly way to dump responsibility onto someone else to avoid making decisions for oneself and accepting responsibility for making the decisions we’re unfairly dumping on the executive.? I just don’t get it.

Edmonton bus driver beaten viciously, many showing support.

Tom Bregg, an Operator with Edmonton Transit for 33years was assaulted, then dragged off his bus by the assailant who then proceeded to stomp on Br. Bregg’s face.? Gary Edwin Maddson has been charged with attempted murder for this savage attack and will be tried for this heinous crime on an inocent individual who simply asked him to pay his fare.
The following quote’s from the Calgary Herald can be viewed in their entirety here .

“A Facebook group called “Support Tom Bregg, Edmonton Bus Driver” was created late Friday afternoon and had more than 500 members 24 hours later.

“He was the most amazing bus driver. Tom would always wait before I had a seat before he pulled away;he always said good morning. He was a fantastic, kind person.”

“When Adams saw the Facebook group Saturday morning, she was amazed at the outpouring of support for her friend, especially from strangers.”

“For those drivers who are close to Tom and knew Tom, knowing that there are everyday Joes who take the bus who support us, it will support the healing process. I think it’s fantastic. It helps my heart.”