Monthly meeting update.

In the previous post I mentioned the unfairness of members attending night meetings arriving even a few minutes late and being refused credit for attending if no quorum was reached.

I have spoken to Keith S? and he is going to request a policy change at the next Executive Board meeting to extend the sign-in time for late arrivals to level the playing field so night attendees get the same treatment as day attendees.

So if anyone has trouble getting to the night meetings on time, you will get credit as long as you arrive while the meeting is in session, which is normally at least a half hour or longer, the meetings are fairly short when no quorum is achieved and no votes are needed, etc.

The late arrivals will NOT be considered to have made a quorum since the meeting start is the cutoff, so please don’t expect the meeting to revert to a full meeting if the last person in suddenly makes 20, we need 20 prior to the meeting start.

At the very least, this will hopefully allow some more members to get credits they may be trying to get if they are considering running for a union position, and this is a good thing.

Novembers Union Monthly Meeting Minutes, or NUMMM!

Drum roll please, brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr, ding!!!! There are no minutes. How is that possible you ask?

There was no meeting, so hence no minutes, and all motions that required a vote were determined by whatever the Union Executive decided.

I heard there were two people at the morning meeting, and there were about 10 at the evening meeting, so no quorum, again.

Another thing I noticed that is unfair for the evening meeting members is that anybody who attends the morning meeting will get credit for attending, even if they arrive late, as long as they sign in and the executive allows them to do so, and I’ve never seen the executive not allow anyone to sign in, unless you go to the evening meeting, then they will stop anyone from signing in after the start of the meeting if no quorum is reached, if there is enough people for a quorum, then late comers can arrive and sign in, I’ve seen it many times.

Thats blatantly unfair, the morning members get a perk the evening members are denied, the chance to arrive late and get meeting credits that night meeting attendees are denied. And some members can’t help but arrive late due to shifts, finish times, etc. The Union needs to do more to accomadate our shift times and the difficult to attend location.

On the plus side, due to bylaw changes over the past couple of years, at least we got to hear about what was discussed at the morning meeting, some members are taking the Union to the Labour Board for non-representation or other complaints.

To check out the Labour Boards decisions over the previous years, it doesn’t look good for someone trying to make a claim, the odds seem stacked against a person who isn’t intimitely familiar with labour law and making claims in a timely manner or without “undue delay“, many of the claims put forward are dismissed based on undue delay.

So while you are being strung along, you have no idea your time is running out, very sneaky of the businesses and the unions involved to know this and in some cases I read they appear to have used it to their advantage. 6 months is considered extreme undue delay, even less will get your case dismissed. Another thing I found strange, if the Union gets a legal decision from their lawyer that it is unlikely that they will win a grievance, that counts as justification in refusing to represent, the following paragraph is a link to the case file : ?”This Board has previously determined that bargaining agents are entitled to rely upon legal opinions in determining whether or not to proceed with a grievance to arbitration [see for example, Re Maintenance Trades (2006), 120 C.L.R.B.R. (2d) 83].? The Union?s decision not to refer the Applicant?s dismissal grievance to arbitration is buttressed by the written legal opinion provided by its counsel.? Reliance upon legal advice has long been characterized as a potent defence to duty of fair representation claims under section 20 of the Act..

In these cases,1,2,3, the petitioners were denied because the company they thought they worked for wasn’t the real company, so they were denied their award based on a technicality.

You really need to be a lawyer or get one to be able to defend yourself and thats no guarantee, good luck and hope you never end up? in any of these situations.

A death in the family.

Due to a death in the family I won’t be posting much of anything for the next week or so.

All I will say is how kind the transit controller was when I got the call, thank you? Kathy, and the swiftness with which they got me relief , they had me off the bus in record time,? I greatly appreciated that.

The street supervisor, Bill was very sympathetic and supportive.

The time keepers have also been very accomadating.

Thank you all.


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Manitoba offers legal aid to middle class

Manitoba offers legal aid to middle class.

In a first for the middle class, the law society’s CEO, Allan Fineblit has said that they will act as brokers for Family Law Access Centre and buy legal services from the private bar of lawyers throughout Manitoba.

This will result in a cost reduction of approx one third off the usual cost and make them available for divorce, child custody and spousal support cases. Family law cases are by the sounds of it the only area they will be dealing in, probably the area where it is most needed to level the playing field for all parties.

Weve seen cases right here at Transit where drivers couldn’t afford to be represented because of how much we earn, and the non working spouse will qualify for legal aid and will get much more support and get more out of the divorce because of the representation, this is certainly good news for the working poor, which is what anyone is who’s paying a mortgage, feeding? and clothing an entire family and paying for all the essentials that are tied in to raising a family, yes after all that their isn’t a lot left to spend on a lawyer, unless one is prepared, or rather forced? to claim bankruptcy after.

Yes, very welcome news for us, especially as we are told that we have the highest divorce rate in the city.

“In a contested family domestic-type case, it can be very expensive. Even people who make a decent living can have trouble affording the legal services they need,” he said, noting the centre should be up and running early in the new year.