October’s Monthly Meeting

This is a lite recap of the October monthly meeting, don’t consider these minutes as I got this info second hand as I couldn’t be at the meeting.

The motion to have our golf shirts replaced with the old style light blue shirts with long sleeves passed and we will be getting long sleeve regular blue shirts, the golf shirts are to be phased out, not sure on how that will happen, contact the Union if you have any questions about time frames.

Also, a surprise motion was tabled and voted on, the? request to remove Chris G from being a part of the WCC due to complaints from Union and Management. I personally don’t like these type of “surprise” motions because our current Union doesn’t believe in publishing agendas in the Union Bulletin displays that are designed to keep the membership informed, thus you and I never know what may or may not be coming up from one meeting to the next and all sorts of things can be passed that we will never hear about unless you go to the meeting or go and read the meeting minutes, and you have to go the Union offices to see those as they refuse to post them online, another on going dispute regarding keeping the membership informed.

I have shown before that many other Unions? place their minutes online.? Some that do are: GSU, Union of Taxation Employees, CUPE997 and Strathcona Firefighters Union and if they can do it why can’t we?? But I can’t convince our Union to do so, why? For many more examples check this link: Google search for Union meeting minutes

Retirement planning.

Retirement planning

So I finally took the retirement course, its was in May of 2009 and it was very very good, anybody who can take it, do so, it?s very informative.

Some info they gave us, it takes appr. 4 years to get your initial investment back if you take the pension, that?s the cash you put in, not including the money or interest matched or compounded. After some 30 years you will get back in the neighbourhood of just over 1 Million dollars.

And an interesting tidbit, all the oldest pensioners are retired bus drivers, which just proves that if the job doesn?t kill you, you?re nearly invincible.