Went to one of the Consultation Workshops.

About ?a?month ago I went to one of the Consultation Workshops, all in all it was run similarly to the Focus Group Workshops we had appr a year ago except for the rush seating opposed to the assigned seating of the previous workshops or meetings. I found out that the change in seating methodology was simply because of a lack of interest on the part of the drivers, very few were responding to the requests to attend, and so they had to resort to whatever means necessary to fill the seats, going so far as to just post bulletins asking for drivers to attend…? Seems odd? that nobody seems to care now,?? yet two years ago we were up in arms ready to strike about this issue, whats changed?

Anyways, on to the meeting, each group was asked to guess or assume why the vote went the way it did. answers were based? on personal experience of course as well as things that we had heard from other drivers, the reasons were posted on our wall, these reasons were then grouped together by similarity and posted on the “Bulletin Board” .? Then we had a short break and were instructed to do silent brain storming and come up with what we felt were the most possible reasons? “C” was voted down,? the reasons were again posted on our wall and then each person in each group would look at the reasons given by their group and vote 2 or 3 times, in our case we were given 2 votes.

We voted by placing a check mark beside the reason we felt best described the reason proposal C failed. Now this is a manner of whittling down information that I don’t like, because depending on the makeup of the group the choice can be extremely one way or the other, especially with scramble seating, if the table had all junior operators or all senior, the votes were obviously slanted in one direction or another. If more junior operators held the majority at the table then? the choices showed the junior drivers opinions of the vote and of Proposal C, so anybody who heard me read out our answer of “Proposal “C” failed because it favored senior operators over junior operators”? were probably surprised to hear me say that, but I was just reading the reason that got the most votes, none of my reasons was picked.:(

Some?Union?and Management representatives turned out,?at it, some tables had more than one management or Union representative at the table, which may or may not have made much difference, but it seemed kind of odd considering efforts to have balance and variety? at all the previous Focus Groups and the Consultation Workshops, it didn’t pan out perfectly at each, but more effort was certainly made, and I think it showed in the results generated.

At least all the reasons and answers given were kept at the end, to be looked at later we were told. And hopefully they do that, because otherwise many reasons and possible solutions would be missed.

Now if I got any of that wrong, feel free to correct me, or share what your workshop was like as I was at the Wednesday afternoon workshop, and maybe we can get an idea if anything was generated out of this.

Sorry that this was posted a bit late because of some bad things going on in my?working life right now, some difficulty with our EBP/EBB and the?apparent hilarity of the WCB’s mantra “Work shouldn’t hurt” campaign, don’t believe everything you read or hear. More to follow.

It’s Sign-up time again, with an added twist!

Yes, Sign up Fans, its the one we’ve all been waiting for, the sign-up to end all sign-ups, yes, its the Sign-up with the added Kimbo Slice on the side, thheeeee “Mock Sign-up”!

Wondering what I’m talking about, so am I, I’m just so excited I can hardly contain myself, this sign-up we are going to get to test drive the new Day-Off System that we’ve all been hearing so much good and bad about, depending on your source of course.:)

So anyways, this is where we get to see how the new Day-Off System affectionately referred to as “C” will work out in a real life trial. The numbers look good, its hard to say which way ts gonna go, I have my guess and I’m sure you all have yours, soon enough there will be no more guesswork and we’ll finally find out if all this work was for nout, yes nout, look it up.:) Coronation Street rears its ugly head once again.:)

So here’s the link to the sign-up schedule, again I put it on a back page so that peoples names aren’t on the front page of the site, at least it gives them a bit of privacy.

If anyone want’s to discuss it. please go to the forums to do so.

Thank you.

Bob Sawatsky #123

WWC has had some resignations, are you available?

The Working Conditions Committee is now accepting letters of interest from Bus
Operators who may be interested in joining a committee. If you have the desire to
become part of a team that is making a difference, please submit your letter of interest
by Friday, April 23, 2010.

If you are interested please refer to the original bulletin for the contact person, or call George F or send me an email and I will pass along the info. I just don’t feel comfortable posting their personal info here.

Bob #207

WCC updates, rambling and lotsa links! Grab a chair:)

Hopefully you’ve seen some of the WCC bulletins around the garage, I’ll try and keep you updated as to some of the? success stories as well as report the failures, after all we can’t win em all?

We’ve had some luck and were successful in getting a hot water tank installed for testing at a comfort station, if all goes well you’ll see them rolled out into every comfort station.

Day off system update.

Another thing were preparing is looking at the best way to involve the membership in the selection of the day off systems being proposed, lots of work and not much time to do it, a deadline looms! The hard part is getting as many people out to actually take part in the discusssions as possible and trying to come up with a way to get as many drivers as possible to take part so when everyone is voting on which day off system will be accepted, it will be an educated decision, not one based on fear of change, a misunderstanding of some aspect of one over the other, misinformation that reghrettably is already getting out can really mess with a promising system.? So when you hear about the discussion phase, please, please take part and be a part of the process instead of a spectator.

The possibility also exists for the improvement of the entire system, actually I provide a link later that shows? Transit is likely going ahead with plans to upgrade the whole system, it makes perfect sense considering the upgrades having to be made to accommadate the BRT and all the other various upgrades being done now. Just think of it, looking up your work online, signup from home or on your Blackberry, check the day ahead sheets on your computer or your smart phone (get one, they are terrific).

Here are some links to the system we currently have and some of the reasons why it works the way it does and some of the obstacles they had to get around, and are still working around.:)

Explanation of current system.

Another well written system description by Bill M.

Here’s where I found we are in for more changes, the following is a snippet from the original, just click on the quote below to see the entire article.:

In addition, the transit company has decided to go beyond the basic project objective of establishing the feasibility of the modular ITS platform in developing its data management and information system, and in planning upgrades to the server/network architecture. This expansion delayed completion of the basic project, but will result in a valuable showcase for the benefits of advanced technology in urban transit.”

The following links are software options in the marketplace that provide way more than we might imagine, look at what they offer, dream a little.






And if you want to build your own Personal Rapid Transit system or test a theoretical model of the one Winnipeg is designing then check out the following link: DIY PersonalRapidTransit