It’s being repeatedly, talk about the danger of crossing that block located in the core of Winnipeg Downtown, recently one pedestrian jaywalking  (Which is not illegal in Manitoba) died after being hit by a public Transit bus, the collision occurred around 1430 CT, this past Monday afternoon, the writer, a former operator of Winnipeg Transit had mentioned the risk of that several times to the Local Union 1505 and also to city councils about the dangers and risks about this block located at Graham and Fort Street, the question is politics always work after serious incidents occurred even though they were warned.  Let’s talk about this seriously, the operator of the bus won’t be the same after this traumatic event regardless of who was at fault.  It is very important to see safety in a different prospect not only for the public but also for operators who risk their lives every single day, if politicians thing that this matter doesn’t attract more votes then is time to see if you’re working just the status quo or for your people.