On September 5 2015 @ approximately 7:05 PM I was brutally assaulted while on layover at Sherbrook and Broadway. The attack was unprovoked and without warning (Yes unprovoked despite my reputation…..Union and management will back me up on that)
Receive a concussion that led to months of headaches. Several bit marks (Fortunately no broken skin) and lots of hairs pulled out. Along with the drivers side window smashed

A 6 minute attack that is considered by many of those that seen the video to be one of the most brutal they have seen. (4 operation supervisors and a union rep) Some have never seen worse.

A passerby was my initial savior who first contained the assailant for a bit. When the assault continued for a short time after escaping the passerby’s attempt to restrain the assailant a road supervisor arrived and pulled the assailant of me (I truly wish I could remember his name) followed immediately by WPS who took the “suspect” into custody.

The assailant was a 17 year old native female. 2 to 3 inches taller then me and out weighed me by a good 50 pounds,

I missed several days work after that and a few more after later on due to headaches. My broken glasses and time off where covered without issue by WCB.

I believe it was early 2015 that the The House of commons passed a bill that made assaulting a bus driver equal to assaulting a police officer (Aggravated assault I believe is the term) Basically saying….A more serious penalty.

She pleaded guilty and today was sentencing day

The crown mentioned several times how brutal the attack was. And also mentioned the new laws protecting drivers several times.

Defense went with the race card with statements that her grandmother was a child of the Residential schools. Also went with drinking problems and that she did not get along with mother and sister prior to the assault.

Judge started of asking her how she was getting along with her mom and sister. Asked her how counselling was going etc etc. During this time I leaned over to my supervisor who was also there and whispered ” why do I feel like I am in the principles office”
Judge brought up the severity of the charges regarding the new laws several times.

Judgment came up as follows (Just the basics here)
3 months deferred custody . Basically house arrest with being confined to house. and a curfew.
( https://www.irwinlaw.com/cold/deferred_custody_and_supervision )
A curfew and
Drug/alcohol counselling required
A $250 fine
18 moth probation after sentence

Needless to say…..I am disgusted by the result. Not sure what would have made me happy in sentencing. May not have been happy of 3 months in custody….but would have been accepting of that. But 3 months deferred custody? No bus ban?
Sorry courts ……You failed miserably yet again.

Might as well take down the code of conduct…
Might as well remove the “Assaulting a bus driver could = jail time” ads off buses

We are out there on our own kids…..We have no legal back up

A letter sent to the administrator from Mr. Cooter

You might say is old news but in fact, risks are extremely high for bus operators in these days.